About Us

MyTree- Delicacies from your neighbor’s kitchen sent with love to your home!

MyTree is your ‘adda’, your friendly community where you bond with neighbours, the friends you find within the cozy environs of your immediate neighbourhood.

‘Kya banau’ is the first thought that comes to our minds when we plan our daily menu. We want variety to liven up our meals. Or perhaps there are days when you are pressed for time or your cook hasn’t shown up or friends decide to drop.

MyTree has the perfect solution for such days when your kitchen is taking a rest. Order in from your neighbour’s home! How many times have you wonderful aromas f food wafted by youfrom your neighbours house and you have wished you could try it? Your neighbourhood has a lot of talented home chefs who are well known in their circles for their delicious specialties. MyTree connects you to these food magicians and let you order in some love from their homes to yours. After all that’s what neighbours do- share and enjoy.

You will also have the comfort og knowing that this food from your neighbour’s house is

  1. hygienic
  2. uses fresh ingredients
  3. will be less oily and spicy unlike restaurant food
  4. will reach you quickly since there is almost no deivery time

So download the App today and never have a boring food day again!

Contact Us

Email : info@letsmytree.com

Phone : +91 9892773552