How it works

Hungry for new tastes and cuisines but tired of restaurant food and long delivery times?

My Tree has the answer! It’s simple. Home chefs from your specific area post yummy food made in their own kitchens on the app and hungry souls like you can order these dishes here. The best part? No long waiting time. Before the first rumble in your tummy, steaming hot food is on your table since it comes from a neighbour’s home, very close by.

Drooling already?

Download the app today and experience the joy of a home -cooked meal garnished with lots of affection and the spirit of sharing. My tree is your community!

Getting started/ How it works

My Tree is a community app. It connects people to each other and enables sharing within a close neighbourhood.

How to be a chef

If your passion is cooking, My Tree is the right place for you to showcase your expertise. You may be famous for your tadka Dal for example and your neighbour will surely be delighted to get an opportunity to taste it.

Just download the app, fill out your details and you are on the road to becoming the neighbourhood celebrity.

How to be a bhukkad

The name says it all! Food is your religion and My Tree is your path to food heaven. Download the app and start ordering right away. Your neighbours are waiting to spoil you with their delicious dishes.